Barrier Gates for Petroleum Facilities YellowGate XL
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Barrier Gates for Petroleum Facilty

Barrier Gates or Boom Gates are a requirement wherever access control for vehicles or workers is needed. Keeping employees safe at a loading/unloading facility at the deck level or on an elevated mezzanine is of prime importance.

The YellowGate XL series solves problems almost instantly.

If your plant is switching out a large obsolete radius swing gate or if new gates are needed, the Swinggate XL is the right call for so many reasons.

Superior Adjustability is a significant benefit for you. The Yellowgate Barrier can guard up to twelve feet. Whether you need a six-foot stop point or a twelve-foot stop point, YellowGate adjusts to the needs of your plant or yard.

Theease of installation was something that YellowGate engineered into the product. The base of the gate support needs only four bolts to fix it to the deck or a raised platform.

The gate has a vertical footprint rather than a sizeable horizontal arc. What does this mean for your company? A vertical portal has a much smaller footprint than an older gate that needs to be rolled open and then closed. This state of the art barrier gate can be placed in tighter quarters because it takes less space to operate it.

YellowGate builds the XL Barrier with industrial-grade aluminum that is strong, light, and durable. The Malbec Tensioner open and close mechanism on the YellowGate XL is a patent-pending engineering marvel that replaces springs that can weaken and break at the stress points. The mechanism opens and closes over and over with a smooth motion.

The finish on the YellowGate XL barrier gate is a powder-coated ANSII yellow that is superior to a water-thin paint job that comes with a prefabricated gate. Powder coating offers a finish that is durable for years. The yellow will hold its vibrancy for years.

The YellowGate XL is a superior safety product that is OSHA compliant and easy to install. Does your plant or facility have old gates that take up large amounts of space? Are the springs soft or disconnected at the stress points? Does your old gate have a wheel or a locking pin that needs aligning at every use? These are things that create laziness when it comes to closing an open gate. Keep your workers safe with a gate that opens and closes vertically, takes up less space, and looks great while adding OSHA compliance.

The YellowGate XL Barrier Gate covers all the bases that provide your plant with safety and peace of mind.